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About us

The DDHS celebrated 25 years in 2022.  We exist to  share information on horticulture and maintain gardens to beautify the town.  DDHS is a member of Ontario Horticultural Association District 10, and receives financial support from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) and the Municipality of Dutton-Dunwich.  Fundraising and many active volunteers are the backbone of our group.  
Monthly meetings feature guest speakers, activities, crafts, and sharing information.  We also tour gardens and hold social events.
We would love to have you join our meetings or volunteer with us!  We have lots of opportunities for short-term flexible volunteer work.  
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Email: duttondunwichhortsociety@gmail.com

Membership is only $10 a year!

With each purchased membership, you receive a coupon for a discount at our annual plant sale!  This year's sale is May 13 at Centennial Park.  

Meet new friends and network with others interested in gardening.

Learn new things and share your knowledge!  

Houseplants, flower and vegetable gardens, healthy soil, pollinators, pruning...and many more!

Get discounts

Many local greenhouses and nurseries give discounts to Horticultural Society Members.  You will also be eligible for awards through the Ontario Horticultural Society. 

Why Join?

I moved to Dutton in 2020 and didn't know anyone. I joined the horticultural society and the members have welcomed me and made me feel like I belong in this town! They have taught me lots about plants and gardening. 

I joined the Dutton Dunwich Horticultural Society in November 2016. It was a great way to meet people & to better my knowledge of gardening. Small community with big hearts.  Debbie

I always admired the city gardens in my hometown of Sudbury. I saw people hard at work and wished that I had the time to be part of making my town beautiful. So when I retired and moved to Iona, I discovered that there was the Dutton Horticultural Society that did just that!  I attended their Strawberry Social where I met so many nice people. I was new in town so this was the best way for me to meet new people and fulfill my wish of contributing to making my new town beautiful.     Julie
October 23   Monday

Fall Centrepiece

Join us to create an arrangement using fall flowers and foliage.  Please bring a coffee mug or teacup as the container for your arrangement, and other materials will be supplied, ($5 fee).   Please register in advance by clicking here.  

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The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. at the Lion's Den, beside the Dutton Dunwich Community Centre.  

November   27  Monday

Annual General Meeting and Holiday Craft

Our last meeting of 2023 includes a recap of the year's events, and planning for next year.  We will also be making holiday cards and enjoying delicious snacks. 

This meeting will be held at the Dutton Dunwich Community Centre meeting room. 

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7:30 p.m. at Dutton Dunwich Community Centre meeting room. 

This Year's Past Events

March 2023 we learned about the Elgin County Seed Library.  Everyone had the chance to plant seeds to take home, and make row markers for their garden.  

April 2023 guest speaker Nancy Lee-Colibaba provided tons of information about getting the best start to your vegetable garden.  Keeping with the theme of veggie gardening, people brought their favourite vegetable recipe so we all have new recipes to try. 

May 2023 over 45 people met at Sons of Scotland Park to plant a salad bowl.  Everyone left with 3 types of lettuce, basil, and radishes that can be harvested throughout the season, and a recipe for salad dressing to go with it.  

June 2023 we met in Wallacetown for our annual Strawberry Social and garden tour.    

July 2023 was a creative painting night using different types of leaves. Lots of great artwork and lots of fun!

August 2023 focused on making floral arrangements.  A certified OHA judge taught important points and gave tips to improve our bouquets. 

The September meeting featured different types of succulents and the opportunity to create an arrangement.  Many people entered their arrangements in the Wallacetown Fair and some won prizes!

October 2023

November 2023 

Our Board of Directors 

Leslie Whittington-Carter, President

Leslie joined the Board in 2018 and became President in 2023.  She lives near Wallacetown. 

Corry Bachmeier, Past President

Corry joined DDHS in 2013 and became a Board Member in 2014.  She served as President from 2019-2022. Corry lives in Dutton. 

Karen Rose, Treasurer

Karen has been a member of DDHS since 1997 and served as treasurer since 2015.  She lives in Dutton. 

Our Board of Directors 

Dianne Beattie, Secretary

Dianne lives in Wallacetown and has been involved with DDHS since 1998.  She has served on the Board for 6 years, and as Secretary since 2019.  Dianne  maintains the gardens around the South Dunwich Hall and park in Wallacetown. 

Edith Richardson, Director

Edith served as President from 2014 - 2018.  She lives in Dutton and has been involved with the DDHS since 2012. 

Julie Henley-Kapeleris

Julie takes care of the Iona planter boxes and manages the DDHS Facebook page.  She lives in Iona and has been involved with DDHS since 2014, joining the Board in 2017.

Our Board of Directors 

Lin McCann, Director

Lin is a lifelong resident of Dunwich, and a DDHS member since 2005.  She joined the Board in 2019.  

Debbie Polsky, Director

Debbie joined the DDHS in 2016 when she moved to Dutton after retiring.  She joined the Board two years later.  

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