Spring Bloomers 2024

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos!

DDHS Gardens

The hanging baskets and planters along the main street in Dutton are planned and planted by the DDHS, and maintained over the season by Municipal Employees.  DDHS volunteers also plant and maintain gardens at Centennial Park, the Fire Hall,  Municipal Building, Medical Building, Dutton Library, Dutton swimming pool, Iona, and the front of the Royal Bank. 
A dedicated group of volunteers maintains the gardens around the gazebo at the South Dunwich Hall in Wallacetown and in Iona at the community sign. 
Years of fundraising culminated in the installation of bubbling rocks at Centennial Park to celebrate DDHS' 25th anniversary in 2022.  

Bubbling Rocks at Centennial Park

DDHS 25th Anniversary

Special thanks to Ron and Debbie Polsky